Content Management:

With more and more sites requiring content management systems we have for the past few years been utilizing some of the latest technologies in this area.

With the need for stable systems, the capabilities for multiple authors, different permission capabilities, editor, admin, author etc. the requirements become much higher.

WordPress has become one of the leading choices for managing content however we have found that WordPress combined with a framework to run on is superior, especially on the larger sites.

Genesis Framework Utilized by Uppgroup Inc.Uppgroup Inc. has utilized the Genesis framework and have incorporated in into many sites. This is a very stable platform, and can be configured to almost any arrangement.

The ease of use, the quick ability to update the plug-ins, countless widget capability, the stability and ease of access and back-up is what makes this such a winning combination.

Uppgroup Inc. has configured and designed basic sites, to complex designs incorporating a variety of programming, including html, php, (WordPress/Genesis), E-Commerce, (Secure Server), advanced databases with various subscriber and client follow-up systems in one

Content management is an area we specialize in and we custom configure to match the specifications and requests, there is no one size fits all these days and it takes a special level of talent to properly set up for expansion of the services your going to offer, our modular design fashion fits this need.

Talk to us today about the capabilities we can design into the system, the expansion ideas and features that are available, and most importantly, your immediate, and a future needs.

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