About Us
Uppgroup Inc. is a leader in Keyword Technology specializing in website development and search engine ranking for business professionals in every type of field. Since 1996 we have provided companies with partnering programs and services designed to achieve unparalleled online positioning of their companies. Uppgroup Inc services draw from an experienced team of staff members committed to meet and more often to exceed our clients expectations. With over 15 years of company experience in website development our web firm has the expertise that you are looking for.

Resources and Specialization:

Merv Carlson - Founder and President is our  Keyword Technology specialist. "Keyword Technology is a rapidly growing field and when applied in the website's design it allows a website to achieve higher search engine rankings than the traditional methods used."

Our team will construct your site (sites) using the latest in website design and keyword technology to ensure that your website is readily found, can be easily maintained, is easy to navigate and provides a pleasant interactive experience for your users and clients.

Experience has shown us that not all websites are are equal - or designed to rank high by the search engines...these sites often suffer from very little traffic and therefore do not achieve the results intended. In today's online world and its vast number of websites, designing a site that is readily found (ranking in the first pages of a search engine); and one that is easily very important.

Uppgroup team members are experienced in designing and developing a wide range of websites, e-commerce and scalable platforms to create interactive websites; and additionally provide you with supported marketing services, customer development programs, website hosting and maintenance.

We are committed to providing excellent service and attention to the details for all our clients and customers.

Keyword Technology - is also utilized in our Internet marketing strategy for corporate clients. Keyword technology utilizes advanced software analysis to assimilate all aspects of the Internet marketing arena, from demographic data, buying trends, terminology, research, history and customer relationship management.

Extensive analysis of competitor activity is an integral part of keyword technology relating to direction advice on marketing systems and trends.